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Intellectual Property Investigations

Are your products being illegally copied and sold?  Counterfeiters reap huge financial rewards by using sophisticated methods of reproduction and distribution.  This not only hurts a company’s profit margin but also their reputation. 

Allegiance Protection Group’s team of Intellectual Property (“IP”) investigators has been recruited from the top ranks of law enforcement. Our experienced investigators can assist in identifying and dismantling the distribution network of illegally copied brands and products. The IP team then conducts a comprehensive investigation to establish an association between the counterfeiters and any facilitators.

Our security professionals bring years of law enforcement experience combating counterfeiting.  Our staff has provided logistical support in issuing “Cease and Desist” (“C&D”) letters, as well as, executing Federal Court Orders. Highly skilled security operatives are well versed in all phases of IP enforcement from the initial seizure through the authorized destruction of counterfeit products.

The Allegiance Protection Group IP team works in conjunction with federal & local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and civil attorneys to facilitate a multi-faceted approach to tackle your counterfeiting problems. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop and discreetly implement anti-counterfeiting programs resulting in successful results.
Intellectual Property Investigations

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