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investigationAllegiance Protection Group’s staff is comprised of former Law Enforcement investigators whom had prestigious careers in their area of expertise. Years of service dedicated to conducting investigations have cultivated a vast network of professional contacts in all areas.

When the time comes to present the results of the investigation, our staff will make a thorough, articulate, and professional presentation walking you through to the conclusion.

The conclusion is comprised of many different resources with strict attention to details. Whether for a criminal or civil investigation, from a matrimonial matter, work place violence, or court appearance our staff will produce results you expect from a reputable firm.

Our staff includes court-qualified experts in several forensic disciplines, as well as, experts in the areas of Police Science, Investigative Procedures, and Security Management. Our forensic expertise includes, but is not limited to, the origin and cause of fires, bombing investigations, and terrorism.

Many can make these claims, but only a few of us have the hands on “real life” experience that support our reputation.

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