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James Ricaurte, President

After being honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps. Jim’s law enforcement career started on the streets of New York City as a Police Officer. His outstanding performance on patrol merited his assignment into the N.Y.P.D. Detective Bureau, as a police investigator.

Jim’s keen ability for problem solving and strategizing presented his first opportunity to infiltrate an international theft ring. His undercover assignment was to portray a “connected” buyer of stolen goods. This role led to the successful recovery of a stolen Stradivarius Violin valued at $1.75 million dollars.  Jim’s role was so convincing that it led to the additional recovery of a Rocco Violin valued at $250,000.00. This assignment concluded with the successful recovery of the stolen items and the arrest of all subjects.

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Shortly thereafter, Jim was promoted to the rank of Detective and chosen for an investigative assignment within the Special Investigation Division, Special Frauds Squad. This is where Jim developed his passion for investigating financial crimes. He was responsible for investigating white collar crimes, which included Identity theft, bank fraud, and insurance fraud. Jim was recognized by his superiors and recruited for a highly sensitive operation under the direct leadership of then police commissioner Howard Safer.

This time, Jim’s under cover assignment was to portray a “shady” stock broker with a brokerage firm covertly set-up within the World Trade Center. His role paved the way for international meetings with drug cartel associates, currency pick ups, and voluminous bank transactions. His three year infiltration uncovered the complex and multifaceted underworld of international money laundering.  The post financial analysis for this operation revealed hundreds of accounts being utilized by the cartel to launder drug proceeds in excess of $18 Million dollars. This investigation is listed in an international money laundering book. 

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Jim’s reputation as a methodical investigator led to his next assignment within the Department of Homeland Security, El Dorado Task Force.  Jim was responsible for domestic and international money laundering investigations for federal prosecution. One such investigation was an international gambling ring that had been investigated previously and operating for years unscathed.  As the lead investigator, Jim’s analysis revealed the gambling ring’s profits raking in millions of dollars for organized crime.  He formulated and implemented an investigative strategy that led to the successful dismantling and prosecution of the syndicate’s members and managers.

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In 2004, Jim established Allegiance Protection Group a private investigation and security firm.  Allegiance was initially servicing the special events and trade show industry by providing security. Jim’s attention to detail in life safety measures, and his formula for providing physical security is why Allegiance is now regarded as a premier security provider.

In 2006, Jim completed a twenty year law enforcement career and retired from the NYPD. With his retirement he brings his multifaceted investigative expertise to the civilian world through Allegiance Protection Group.  Allegiance is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan.

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